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Forget the U.F.O.s
We're the aliens.
In this world, but definitely not of it.
Called to  live
a life that sees us appearing
strange to a world
with no purpose, where things happen for
no rhyme or reason.
We are the aliens.
Living with purpose, taking this world for our
supreme commander.
Some day soon, he is returning, to take
us to the mother ship called heaven, and we can't wait
with anticipation
we look forward to that day.
We long to see our leader crush the enemy
under his mighty feet.
But our mission is to remain here, and live
in this alien world, under a sky
that is not our own.
We are the aliens
Living out our faith for all to see, fighting
for what our leader
would say is worthwhile, reaching
to those who are down and out,
who this world says "aren't worth it"
but our leaders says love.
Our leaders says to
"Bless those who curse you"
So we do, we obey, He is the leader, and
He knows best.
The world thinks our freedom bondage
and then continues to wander down
a meaningless
existence towards their ultimate destruction.
A little pleasure now
they say.
Then we will pay for it later.
They have that much right, though many
don't have the vision to see that everything we do
has a cost.
Certainly understanding who the leader
is, puts the universe in perspective
it's so nice now that my mind
has stopped spinning, now
that I have a clue what
life is all about, it
going to get
there for a while
all the stuff to do, for no reason.
Get an education, get a job, get married
all, so that the process could be repeated again.
Buy stuff, watch it get old, watch
it fall apart, watch it become boring, constantly
I've seen how the things of this
world are not satisfying, and how the leader was
We are the aliens.
The world may look at us funny, and
I think
that is good, because there is something here
is worth seeing.  They've probably only dreamed
of meaning
of purpose, of TRUE LOVE, yet I've got it all.
isn't because of what I've done, or not done, or
who I've been, it's because of who the leader is
He has seen fit to establish contact with each of
us here on this world.
We are the aliens.
Stop pretending you belong here.
Live for the leader

His way is better

His way is forever

He brings Truth
He brings Joy
He brings Hope
He brings Purpose
He brings Love
Next time you hear about aliens
or UFOs remember...
You are the alien.
Now living as an
alien in this world
requires that we be
sustained by the leader.
He has given His Word
and His Word to
Sustain us.
Want Sustenance?
pick me.