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    Do you dare?

            To Look...

                    Into the Son.

Do you dare, to be consumed.
To be transformed by the one who made you
Do you want to 'meet your maker'
Do you seek...




                            He is the author of those 4.  (and many more)

Do you feel misunderstood?
Do you feel abandoned?
Do you feel used?
Do you feel lost?
Do you want real love?
Are you sick of things that leave you disappointed?
Are you tired of fighting for answers that satisfy?
Are you sick of a senseless world?
Are you tired of pain and hurt filling your life?
Are you simply wanting to make a fresh start?

If so... then Look Into The Son

Psalm 34 (read it on your own)

..."Taste and See that the Lord is Good"...

Seek to know God.  Not religion