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What is Prayer?

Prayer is talking to God. Communicating with Him. Asking Him things, telling Him things, listening to Him, being changed by Him.

Why do we need to pray?

Prayer is like breathing. God is our life, and prayer is connecting with God (relationally). A friendship without communication isn't a healthy friendship. So, we pray, we talk with Jesus who is God, who has called us His friend. You can have a relationship with God because of what Jesus did for you. You can talk to Him, be honest, He loves you for who you are. Yes He knows your every thought, but He loves to hear from you, and prayer is one of the main ways a follower of Jesus can draw close to God.

What should I pray?

Pray anything and everything. Tell God what you are thankful for, tell God what hurts you, what you need, pray for others.

Who do I pray to?

Pray to God in heaven. Jesus is God, and we are taught that He prays for us to the Father. Praying to Jesus is in a way praying to the Father, and the Spirit, because all three are the one true God.

What can I pray for?

You can pray for anything, and everything. You need not be 'doing business' to pray. God loves it when we simply tell Him how we are feeling, what we are thinking, when we tell Him we love Him, when we tell Him we just want to rest with Him.

Who can I pray with?

You can pray to Jesus by yourself, or with other people. There are benefits to both. Respect another persons right to pray to Jesus in a style that is their own.

When should I pray?

Anytime,  God never sleeps and is always eager to hear from His children. Always. It is useful to choose a time when you will not be interrupted, when you can concentrate. Early in the morning before breakfast and work, or late at night before bed are two popular times to pray. Pray while driving (eyes open). Pray while walking, while shopping? Pray when you are in trouble, when you are worried, when you are happy.

What will God answer?

To put it very simply, God usually answers in one of three ways, He will say Yes to your request, or He will say no to your request, or He will say wait. Naturally as you learn to hear God's voice, and listen to Him speak through the Bible as well, you will receive more than yes/no answers

What should I do with my body while I pray?

To concentrate in prayer it is often helpful to close your eyes. This reduces distraction. If you are a person who is distracted by what is in your hands, try folding your hands together. Some people stand, others sit, others kneel, others lie face down on the ground. Kneeling helps us be humble before God, as does lying face down on the ground. With your hands, if you are asking God for something, an answer, a gift (He loves giving gifts to His children), it is useful to pray with your body, by holding your hands palm up to 'receive' what God has for you. (anything that helps you focus on Jesus, and not be distracted.) God is able to hear you anywhere at any time, which is good news.

How do I pray to follow Jesus?

You can pray in your head, or with spoken words. Admit to God that you have sinned (fallen short of His standard of perfection) Ask Jesus to Save you from your sin. Ask Jesus to come into your life. Ask Jesus to come and be your Lord, (the boss of your life.) Thank Jesus for what He has done for you 1997 years ago on the cross. Tell God that you will follow Him.
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