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What Jesus has done for Me!

OK, I've told you that Jesus is good. Now, you could take my word for it,
OR You could just look at my life.

Greg's Life.

The Early Years.

    I was born in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada in 1973.  As a child I went to Sunday school at the local Presbyterian church, where I learned many of the Bible stories.  When I was almost four, I decided to ask Jesus into my heart.  It was a genuine decision, but certainly one that was going to have to mature as I did.  I have two different ideas of who I was as a child in elementary school.  I can remember naively saying Christian things to my music teacher,  to which she replied, "Not everybody believes that you know!"  I didn't, it came as a shock.  Some friends from elementary school have confirmed recently that in those days I did not let my faith hide.  But, it was a faith though genuine that hadn't worked itself out in all my attitudes and actions.  In grade 6, I began attending a group called 'Brigades' which put me in touch with a lot of Christian boys my age, it was good to know that life could be different than it was at school.  I had some really good Christian friends, and we encouraged each other to live by God's standards, and not the world's standards.

Turning Point.

    Everything was carrying on as it always had until one day my parents announced that we were moving hundreds of miles away to British Columbia.  I was shocked, I considered running away, but at age 14 I chose not to (smart) and went with mom and dad.  I left behind me all the friends I'd had while growing up, and started school out 'here' in grade 10.  It was one of the lowest times of my life.  I felt like I had nobody to talk to.  I didn't get along very well with my mom and dad, and they were the only people I knew.  Things at school weren't great, and I felt all alone.  There was a church youth group at a church 30 minutes away, which was good, but those were my only 'real' friends, and I only saw them once or twice a week, the rest of the time, it was merely survival.  Survive at school, come home, survive as much as I could with mom and dad without getting into fights.  I grew more and more depressed, to the point that I considered suicide.  Nobody would listen to me, I had no close friends, I had a family that didn't understand me, what was there to live for?  As I was about to kill myself, I became aware of an incredible 'emptiness'.  It was so terrible, that I physically turned away from it, I turned to Jesus, whom I understood at that point, had been there all along, watching waiting, listening, waiting for me to turn to Him. I believe that God let me see the other side, to see what complete separation from Him is like (Trust me it is terrible).  Then I realized what had happened.  I had Jesus, I had a friend, I had someone to turn to.  I was no longer alone.  I had met Jesus, and I now knew that He was a real person who was interested in my life.  The love of Jesus kept me alive that day, and replaced my despair with hope.  I could make it.

High School

    I continued to attend that youth group, to learn more about my God and friend, Jesus.  It was a good time in my life.  At school in grade 11 I had a good friend who loved Jesus too.  Jesus was the truth, but he was also becoming the life.  I could see how Jesus was changing me bit by bit, making me a more loving person (more like Him).  I wanted all my friends to know that I had met Jesus, not because I was so great, but because Jesus is.  I wanted all of them to know Jesus and live for Him.  I think I irritated a lot of people with the truth that year, but they could see something was changing in me.  About the same time, I went to a youth conference called Banff 89 and there was an opportunity to 'recommit' our lives to Jesus.  To get back on track with God.  It was a very good time, and at that retreat I met a friend named Rob, who was filled with the Holy Spirit of God, I knew there was something special there, and I wanted it, because it was good.  I began to learn about faith.  I went through high school and continued learning about God, learning how to stand up against secular humanist thought with the truth.  (I was very good at being right all the time, even when I wasn't really right, but that's ok, God is still in control and has been dealing with that :-)  )


    It only seemed natural to go to Bible College after High School.  I packed up and moved 30 minutes down the freeway.  There I learned lots in the classes, and probably more outside of the classes. ha ha.  It was a good time to focus on God and discover that He was real.  To put it in my own words, God was fighting to get out of the Bible where I often kept Him :-)  I had many different roommates at college, who taught me things about God and about myself.  I had learned lots about God by the end of  the second year, and I grew complacent.  I was more interested in pulling pranks than I was in developing my friendship with God.  My grades and spiritual life reflected this.  I was set on being a police officer because I wanted adventure.  I persevered and kept going in that direction even when the doors seemed to shut.  Then through some good friends who weren't afraid to ask hard questions, I realized God had a better idea for me.  God promised me adventure if I would follow Him.  And there haven't been very many dull moments since.

Incredible Peace.

    It was during my third year at College (after God had turned me around) that I discovered a funny bump in my arm.  The doctors treated the 'growth' like a low grade of cancer because to this day nobody knows what it was.  LET ME TAKE A SECOND TO EXPLAIN SOMETHING    I come from a long line of worriers, I am a worrier by nature, I worry about not having something to worry about :-)  From the time I found the bump to the time of the Second surgery when the entire thing (along with a 1/3 of my tricept was removed), I had complete peace.  I had peace that passes understanding as the Bible describes in Philipians 4:6  I had the peace of God, BECAUSE I KNEW THAT GOD WAS IN CONTROL.  It didn't matter if I died, God was in control.  It didn't matter if I lost the use of my arm, God was in control.  God gave me a good gift, and that was His peace. Now it is 3 years later and there has been no re-occurance!  Thank You Jesus.  God gave me great faith to trust Him at that time, and all I can say is;  It was worth it!  I thank God for the cure, and I thank God for the sickness that resulted in my faith growing.  It was at that time that I had a deep appreciation for the CHURCH, I had people praying for me in BC Alberta, Manitoba, Africa, and I don't know where else.  The church lifted me up in prayer. God healed me.  Praise you Jesus.


   I've continued to grow in the last three years, and I'm amazed at how much more God has for me.  I've seen Him heal my friend who fell off a cliff, I've heard God's voice in my mind in response to our prayers (after He healed Joni).  I've observed God heal other people physically, but very incredibly I've observed my own emotional healing.  I had a lot of hatred and anger and rage in my life.  The rage scared me, and I asked God to take it away. Simply, He did.  The anger and rage was linked to bitterness I was holding onto, so that took some more time to work through, but my hatred is gone.  Jesus has taken the garbage, the crap away, and I've been healed emotionally.  I'm sure there is some more work to do, but now is so much better than before GOD IS GOOD! 


    I've begun to understand that God isn't just a God of words but also a God of power.  As a Christian, I try to live a life that would please God.  I don't steal, I don't swear, I don't lie, I don't kill, I don't sleep around.  A lot of people think  the church is a hotel for saints. It isn't, it's a hospital for sinners, and I am a sinner saved by the grace of God through my Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.  I've got a sin problem and I can't get rid of it (because I'm still sinful)

In (Matt 5:27-28) Jesus said "You have heard that it was said, `Do not commit adultery.' But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

    I had a problem, God wasn't a legalist.  I understood that even though I'd never done really bad things, I (like the rest of the human race just in case you are under the delusion that you're perfect) could guard my actions but I couldn't guard my thoughts.  I was sinning in my head, and that was just as bad as going around killing people.  I had problems with lust, with pride, with laziness, but I had never been able to make any headway against them.  In September the Lord Jesus SMASHED! the stronghold of lust in my life.  Now when I am tempted, I simply resist, and the devil HAS TO FLEE!  I've tasted freedom, and I want everybody to know that there is freedom for all in Jesus.  So here I am now.  I'm not perfect, but it's obvious that Jesus is changing who I am, making me more like He is.

Now it's your turn!

It is good to have Jesus in your life, I encourage you to taste and see that God is Good.

I've got a promise for you, and God always keeps His word.

Jeremiah 29:11-14 For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you, declares the LORD.

Psalm 34:8 Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.

(It's like free samples)

But don't take my word for it. Take His word for it.

Blessings On Ya.

(have fun getting to know Jesus, He's great!)


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